Mr Mathieu Isidro, the Communications Manager for the SKA Observatory at Jodrell Bank, will give an introduction and overview of the "The Square Kilometre Array" project, together with its many facets and will mention some of the headline science it will be hoping to conduct.

Mathieu grew up reading astronomy magazines and spending nights outside with a small telescope, even dabbling in astrophotography from the age of 14. His passion for the night sky eventually grew into a profession and he became a science communicator. His work communicating astronomy to the public has taken him all over the world, from the Atacama Desert of Chile to the Outback of Western Australia and more recently the green countryside of Cheshire, where he spends his days at the iconic Jodrell Bank site as the Communications Manager for the Square Kilometre Array Observatory, the international body overseeing the construction and operation of two of the world’s largest radio telescopes. A Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Mathieu is a keen believer in the power of astronomy to inspire and create careers.

The lecture will start at 1930.  Watch the lecture on our Youtube channel: