The ASG’s Imaging Group meets each month from October to April, currently online using Zoom.  The meetings are suitable for all levels of astrophotography experience, from the simply curious, through to experienced imagers and all aspects of astrophotography are catered for, including night skyscapes; lunar and planetary; galaxy and nebulae and solar imaging.   

To take part, you must be a member of the ASG.  Click here to become a member.

The aims of Group are:
        1. To promote and encourage astrophotography in the ASG
        2. To provide advice to members wishing to take up astrophotography
        3. To provide a platform where members experiencing a problem with their imaging, can seek help
        4. To share the collective knowledge and experience of members

Meeting Format
Each meeting normally begins with an astrophotography related presentation. Thereafter, attendees can ask questions, seek advice, screen‑share their images or just have an informal chat on all thing’s astrophotography.  The meeting is intended to be informal, relaxed, and open to all attendees. In the interests of privacy and to promote the informality of the meetings, the meetings will not be recorded.  

Colin Robb
The ASG Imaging Group’s Lead