Following the untimely death of long standing member and past President, Mr Eric Tomney, the Society was bequeathed a generous sum of money to be used solely for the construction of an observatory building for use by members.  The Society formed a sub-committee of the ASG Council to plan the building of the observatory, to be known as the "Eric Tomney Memorial Observatory" or ETMO for brevity, and work on this is now ongoing.

As the Society already uses Mugdock Country Park for dark skies observing it was decided to approach the park administrators, East Dunbartonshire Council.  A presentation to the Mugdock Country Park Joint Management Board was made and received positive responses leading to an approval to progress the project to the planning stage.  A firm of architects have been engaged, plans have been drawn up for a two-dome observatory and a planning application has been submitted and approved by Stirlingshire Council.

For members' information, although most of Mugdock lies within East Dunbartonshire, who act as the park administrators, a small area in the north of the park, containing the Visitor Centre and our proposed site, lies within Stirlingshire. Thus, the need to have initial approval from the Joint Board of Councillors from both districts was required before we could apply for planning permission from the land owners, Stirlingshire Council.

Work on finalising the building design to integrate with domes from our chosen supplier has been completed, and a building warrant has been applied for.  Once this is granted, a contractor will be engaged by the architects to price and build the observatory.

Julian Gibson,
Astronomical Society of Glasgow,
June 2018